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Metabief and the Jura

Very brief post as I’m in a hotel room in the Jura using an iPhone and free wifi. Headed over to Metabief yesterday to hit the VTT flagship bikepark there. Awesome day – I can’t stress enough how much fun it was to get a ski lift to the summit rather than ride up. Some of the routes through the forest where virtually unridable though, as there had been some heavy rain and they weren’t drained effectively – they were all mud and slippery limestone. But the ‘permanent’ route down the mountain -just over 4km of fast, looping, open-air singletrack with jumps, tabletops, berms and some nice twisty technical sections through tree cover – really made up for it. Loads of people there, all armoured up and on big bouncy downhill rigs. All the fun of the fair.

Day before Metabief we rode a 30k VTT red route in the Val de Morteau, which was a bit disappointing, lots of fireroad climbs and hacking across open fields without much in the way of rewarding decents. Good workout though.

Off to ride the Monts D’Arlier today, more VTT action. Hopefully more decent decents than the Val de Morteau.

So far though, loving the Jura for a spot of holiday mountain biking.


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