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Wiggo, Twitter and the democratisation of media

I like bikes. And I like the Tour De France. And I especially like Bradley Wiggins, not because he’s British and I’m a jingoistic, flag-waving, ‘come-on-Tim’ Daily Mail reading type, but because he seems like the sort of person I could have a beer with. Check him out: @bradwiggins


I follow his posts on Twitter.

Yesterday, in rapid succession, Wiggo posted three tweets:

10.23am: Alot of the press reports you read today that I am supposed to have said post tour with regards to 2012 etc are all bollocks!

10.25am: I was dazed,confused and hung over when asked questions about what I’ll be doing in the next 3 years, I don’t even know what I’m doing today

10.27am: My full future plans will be announced in the coming weeks, everything else is merely rhubarb!

I’m guessing he was talking about the (preposterous, obviously) story that he would try to win both the Tour and an Olympic gold in the same year, as propagated by the Telegraph, amongst others. And I’m glad that Twitter is giving him his own platform to respond from, almost instantly. And he’s got over 27,000 followers, so it’s a bit like he’s got his own, fairly successful magazine.

This kind of thing illustrates a wider theme about the democratisation of media: no longer are brands, institutions, leaders and rulers the only ones with a voice. With all of the underlying tools and functionality of the social web, we can all be publishers. That’s not to say we all have something to say that’s worth listening to (let alone me, with my ramblings on this here blog), just that we all have the tools to share our thoughts, views, interests and findings to a wider audience if we wish. And that has to be a good thing. Right?

Pic courtesy of mark e dyer


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