Things Marketing People Love

There’s a hilarious blog that’s been around for a while, called Stuff White People Like. It’s great because it holds up a mirror to white middle class folks and forces us to laugh at ourselves.

In the same spirit, here’s Things Marketing People Love.


I have to own up to most of the stuff on here, but this one really leapt out: Sharing their iTunes libraries in the hopes someone will notice and compliment their eclectic taste.

Are we really such assholes?



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2 responses to “Things Marketing People Love

  1. Where the truth is really that ridicule is the most usual response. I’m getting away with some atrocious listening this morning – on the good, the new Mojo cover disc and Bat for Lashes (mixed feelings there). On the bad: Marillion.

  2. swadlad

    At what point did you even consider listening to Marillion?

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